Multiple issues with new skins

  • I’m glad they are adding content to the game so a new map and new skins are definitely a good thing

    However the implementation is not good at all. First of all the skins cost too much relative to the earn rate of credits after matches. I know earn rate was increased recently but come on. The prices are waaaaay too high it’s just ridiculous

    Second, it’s not right that tier 2 skins have differing costs depending on the hero. This makes no sense and it punishes people depending on who they play. If tier 1 and tier 3 skins all cost the same why should tier 2 be any different?

    A buttercup player only has to pay 5000 for a tier 2 while a cass player like myself has to pay 7000 for a tier two. That’s TWO THOUSAND more credits which is a lot of game time and is completely unfair and should be changed immediately

    Third, the fact that tier 3 skins are locked behind getting to level 30 with a hero is just really really bad. I understand they want to give people reasons to play this game more and incentivize them to grind but this is just insane. I am definitely not going to chase level 30 just so i can unlock the ability to buy these skins

    It just comes off as a really annoying barrier rather than something I look forward to getting. Instead of using bad practices like this, why not improve the game more and make it more appealing so people will want to play without having to use these types of tactics.

    Tier 3 skins should absolutely be available to purchase at any time at any hero level. The barrier should be cost and cost alone. It takes more credits to unlock tier 3 and therefore more time, that should be the only factor.

    Again I’m glad to see they are adding new content to the game and i get that there are no microtransactions so they aren’t making money from these skins, trust me i get it. But even with that being said I’m extremely disappointed in how these cosmetics have been implemented