Better customization.

  • I feel as though we should be able to make a build instead of just a mod build. By build I mean we should be able to pick our skin, board (color, trail & sticker) our mods obviously and our emotes for 3 separate builds. You may have noticed I used the word emotes instead of a emote which brings me to my next point, we should be able to pick up to 4 emotes and assign them to a face button similar to the call-out system. That's all I can think of right now, but I encourage other people to give their 2 cents as well.

  • @S0ul3ssPhantom you can already do all of this except having multiple emotes...

  • I made it more clear since you didn't pick up on the intent. But just to make sure, changing build means that if I have a different skin chosen for that build it will change to the one I selected for that build and visa versa.