Social (The friends list)

  • Dude, why? Who thought this was a good idea to hide offline friends? Like, wow. I just can't wrap my head around it xD
    Please fix this. I wanna see my friend list. You know how some games, like, every other multiplayer game, shows you the full friend list?
    It would be nice to see their current state as well. Like, they're in lobby, in party, in match, like that.

    Also, I'm not able to link my steam account. Does anybody else have this issue ?

  • @Omid-RG Thanks for your suggestions! We love to know our players' ideas and suggestions about Bleeding Edge, and we'll definitely keep track of it.

    For your other concern, we would also appreciate if you could send us a report about the issue you are currently experiencing:

    Thanks and may you continue to enjoy the game!

  • Yes please I would love to see the social section receive a complete rework. It's very bad imo.