Call outs/Team chat is SO bad....

  • 1st of all call outs hardly work. I can stand on objective B, look down and call out and theyll be like "let's grab a power up" or kill someone. It's a joke. Most people dont even use a mic sadly so call outs are very important. Also chat lags way WAY 2 much. It's so hard to pull chat up and send a quick message without the chat freezing and lots of times gets frozen on the screen causing me to not be able to see...... there needs to be a way to customize quick shout outs and better way to text chat.

  • Hello there @TheRealMcLovin2! Thanks for pointing this out and your suggestion is much appreciated. We'll make sure to let the developers know about this as this will surely help improve Bleeding Edge in terms of in-game communication.

  • Your callouts depend in huge matter on your current locked target. Even if you stand on and point directly on objective, if you have someone locked as a target, it would still callout to kill.
    I hope this helps to understand the system a littlebit more.