I like the game but the game has some major problems

  • I don't know where to start I like your game very much but I have to stop playing it because it's getting very frustrating with these other players they play as a healer but they don't heal her treating this like a call of duty game and what's really upsetting is that they don't know how to push when you have the advantage in the game if the score is 500 to 100 and we should keep the pressure on and you push forward to the objective to win right but no that's not how other players play they want to get that 20 kills more 30 pill they say all we are really good at this guy I'm sick of that nobody plays the ejecta a b or c or collecting batteries I like your game a lot but these players they have no idea how to play your game maybe you should just take the objectives out of the game mode and replace it with team deathmatch instead that might be better you're playing with people who don't know how to play the game it's very frustrating and don't have healers and add healing powers all the characters because nobody knows how they heal you when you play the tank or another type of world so angry 😠😤

  • Hi @TETRAXEN, thank you for voicing out your opinion about the game. We appreciate your feedback and we'll gladly pass it on to our devs to see what they can do about the development of the game.

  • I have been playing this game quite a bit. It’s pretty fun, but for 2 frustrating things. Lag is a pretty common feature in my matches. And the targeting system can be really really irritating. Often when I try to lock-on I don’t know who I’m gonna get and even if I try to switch targets sometimes my rectical will bounce between the same two people and won’t switch to someone else.
    I would like for my character to lock on initially to the person closest to the center of my screen. There’s been quite a few times when I try to lock onto an enemy in front of me and I get attached to someone off on the side of my screen in the background.

    The lag can be annoying, but it’s manageable since I don’t have to aim. However, the lock on is beginning to piss me off.

  • You can change lock on and auto target settings to camera in the options 🙂

  • @RageKrom gotcha, thanks for the help!