• Make it were gizmo gun overheats and some other range characters have to reload

  • And Daemon has to hop around on one leg and instead of a sword he holds a sausage.

  • Yep. Gizmo is really, really unfair. People have not realized her power yet. You can very easily outdamage everyone by at least twice the amount. Because she can fire forever. And the reason I say she is not balanced is because you don't need to aim in this game! I think the overheating is a good idea, if it's similar to how ZeroCool's heal works. A heat meter, which rises while she is firing, and she needs to stop firing so it will decrease. But if it reaches the maximum, the gun will overheat and she can't fire until the gun until the heat is reduced to something like 60%. That way, you won't just hold fire and GG EZ. You'll need to have actual strategy. Or just make the aiming system manual for her.