Buttercup's Mod Selection

  • By far the most interesting selection of mods being offered in the game. The selection of mods I've been using the most at first looked impractical when compared to other mods such as Up To Speed or Quick Wind. There were a number of things I assumed were missing, but once it was tested out it really shined. The build I run and encourage trying out if you have the following mods unlocked;

    • Quick Start - Reduce Mount activation time by 33%.
      This is used to allow a quick Mount when no one is looking/hitting me. Also though the move is not mention at all under Basic Abilities, her unique slide that acts as a stun can now be more easily used against high priority targets with Launch.

    • Top Speed - Increase Mounted speed by 20%.
      Great way to finish of fleeing targets while other abilities are on cool down. Can afford to be a bit late to objectives while snagging buffs, etc.

    • Slick Moves - Allies on Oil Slick gain 20% movement speed.
      Used at the start of a round (similar to Lucio from Overwatch, using Speed Boost at the start to rush to the objective). Great way to help your healer, assassin by either acting as a Leg-It. Could be swapped with mod Up to Speed, or Revved Up.

    The one outline about allows me to defend teammates while also being able to be super aggressive and ensure me, and my team make haste to the objective. Interested in what the community thinks are the core mods to have equipped for Buttercup.