About Miko's melee healing:

  • Let's say Miko just won a 1v1 when teammates weren't close enough to get healed or any case like this, I think it would be nice if the attack she made would stack some pending healing, so when others get close, she slowly heal as if she was attacking.

    To balance this maybe it should be slightly less healing or not stack with current attacks when she would hypothetically have full heal available.

  • Miko is fine, her heal on hit is fine, is a flat 12 per hit iirc. If anything Miko is slightly too strong, mainly due to mods though. Adrenalin is so good that I feel it needs a slight nerf, although I run it myself and love the movespeed it gives, I've also been on the other end as Gizmo and can see how frustrating it could be for people playing against her. Before anyone asks, Miko is tied as my most played with Daemon, and has my best winrate from playing solo, so I know her quite well ❤