Love bleeding edge, its really fun, but plz dont take this post the wrong way.

  • You've made a great start on a game and we all know Ninja Theory is the shit when it comes to making games, Hellblade is the best game I've played in years, but I'm a fps and moba veteran and I wish you could check one game out, who knows even some of their developers are open to help out with Bleeding Edge.

    But god damn that game that I thought was the best game in innnovation when it comes to Moba/fps/arena shooter games is dead thx to god damn Microsoft being bastards. But check it out and all you who has touched the game im gonna mention know that Bleeding Edge would only gain from being inspired by it and develop Bleeding Edge into a damn masterpiece if they look at this game and the way it's rpg and hero mechanics worked, hell even the tactical gameplay that each map had with the elements that's never been seen in a game like these before.

    The game I'm im talking about is Drumsnare


    Check the video out and other about the game. BTW I love playing Bleeding Edge. thx a lot for the ideas and time you put into it, but it can be such a masterpiece if you really take some influential aspects of other games thats not Overwatch but more like Mobas with an FPS/Brawler touch with competetive aspects, there is so much more you could do when it comes to how the maps are being played. Love from Sweden / Jootum

  • Another game you should look at that was laid down 6 ft under the ground by Epic games that decided to leave their glory and honour behind that made them what they are today for a shitty game like Fortnite. Shit these guys even built the god damn fps genre in a battle against ID software and Quake, but instead they made a minecraft battle royale that looks like something shown on Nickelodeon for kids.

    The game that wouldve been their E-sport trumphcard with a moba frame and an fps soul with rpg elements was and never will be.


  • @Jootum I agree. I've played both and they were really good mobas especially Paragon.

  • @Jootum
    Imagine if bleeding edge took some mechanics from good old gigantic, BE would be IT.