BleediNg Edge = ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ

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    Anybody readiNg this that supports BleediNg Edge please consider giviNg them their recognition through the Xbox (Microsoft Store) review system, right now they`re at 2.6 stars
    & I believe this game & the people who made it deserve more positive feedback.

    Some people are just overly harsh & short lived, so most of the feedback they already received leaviNg them with 2.6 overall ratiNg is just bogus & unfair, especially consideriNg the people who left the poor reviews+ratiNgs probably played the game for a few hours & gave up on it without even tryiNg to get a team together or switch up mod builds (or even try different fighters), or ensure everyone on their team mics up.

    I wish those people who left the negative feedback would`ve ACTUALLY gave the game a fair chance iNstead of giviNg up on it so quickly & trash talkiNg it &/or giviNg it an unnecessary poor review+ratiNg.

    If anybody wants to get together & play let me know, my gamertag is my forum name. Thank you. ๐ŸฉธBleediNg Edge FTW!โœŠ๐Ÿป

  • I think the best support the developers can get is honest feedback. I for one submitted my review to one of my local newspaper's supplements, and gave it a 2/5. That's a decent score on my strict review score system; the best the average so-called AAA game is going to do is a 3/5 due to its decent - if unoriginal - gameplay and production values. I can't post the review here due to the copyright exchanging hands, but the general ups and downs were 'a solid framework with a brilliant game built upon it, but using it is a divided playerbase forced together with matchmaking that requires urgent attention'. Having said that, my Steam review due to its binary thumb system, is "recommended". On Xbox's system 2.6 is still half. That's still good.

    Saying that the negative reviews is "bogus" and "unfair" isn't helpful to either players nor developers. If people have problems with the game (however wrong they may be), they should make them known to both parties. That said, I do think Bleeding Edge has deserved its much more helpful "Mostly Positive" rating on Steam which has a minimum word count, and discloses how many people make up its percentage breakdowns. 75% of the game's reviews are positive, based on the current number of 1084 reviews.

    I can't fault your enthusiasm though. And I hope plenty of people ask you to add them to play with them. ^^

  • Saying that the negative reviews is "bogus" and "unfair" isn't helpful to either players nor developers.

    Yet you contradict your st8ment by discreditiNg my feedback, right... Thanks for the reply but demeaniNg my opiNion isn`t helpful.