• hi, i wanted to give a suggestion and take some doubts about the bleeding edge, first i really wanted you to add the refund, because i ended up buying the orange ion trail unintentionally because i thought it would look nice but it didn't stay because I'm an idiot and spent almost 1,000 credits on it, so I would really be happy if you added the refund. The question is about the character skins, will you guys launch custom skins for other characters? like the punk skins from zerocool, buttercup and nidhogrr ? I've been saving credits for a while now and wanted to know if you're going to add it or not. The other and last question is when will you launch mekko for console? well, I think that's just it, because your game is awesome, the best I've ever played.

  • @Laranja132
    Refund button is kinda pointless. You could have 5k and basicly cycle trough whole inventory. Makes no sense.
    As it comes to skins i agree, we need more. I understand that the game just launched and there is so much more to do than designing new skins but taking existing model, making color-swap and naming that a skin? Kinda lame if you ask me. The only real skins (yet not so elaborated) are the punk skins. We need more of "this kind" in the future, not just different colors.