New Map(s): Rooftops

  • On this map, everyone is literally playing on the roof tops and players have to constantly jump from building to building. Players can drive along piece of planks and electrical wires to get across from building to jump. There could be sections to where to players have to manual jump across and if they do not, they fall off and die. Now, that i am thinking of this, there could be a new mode as well: Pigeon Protection. It will be like the standard objective capture; however, one team has to project a pigeon's nest from being destroyed by the enemy team. Players will have defend multiple nests.

    I thought of this mode to try to fit with the theme of the maps. I do think a rooftop map(s) who be fun and uplifting. It would also provide more background information of the city Daemon is standing on home.

    I feel more maps should be created based on the characters in the game. It would help players understand more about the characters and expand the world of Bleeding Edge.

  • @MadMuffin8263
    Sounds great! All that you just mentioned. I would love to see an urban map. Jersey sink is ok but main menu looks so good.