New modes: Tournament, Deathmatch, Execution, DodgeRocket, Spiral Mixing Bowl, I.S.H.M, Delivery, C.T.F, Competitive K.T.H, P.T.T, DeathRace

  • Tournament: Players will be place in a bracket and have to fight each other one on one until there is a victory.

    Deathmatch: (4-10) Players will be placed in an arena where they have to search for people to kill. Each kill is one point and the player who has the most points wins the game.

    Execution: (4-10) Players will around trying to kill each other, but everyone dies in one hit. All players will have to kill each other will a melee attack. Each time a player gets kill, the player gets one point. The points stack up, but if you died the points reset. Players have a total of 3 minutes to have the most points by the end.

    DodgeRocket: (4-10) Players will be place on teams and have to dodge Gimzo's rockets. The rocket will active chases players until it kills them. The player who survives Gimzo's rocket at the end wins a point for his team or if all the players on your team are alive and the enemy team is dead you get a point. Maeve's energy ball can also be used for variety.

    Spiral Mix Bowl: (4-10) Players will actively spin like El Bastardo and try to knock each other off a platform.

    Infinite Super Hyper Madness: Players will have skills and abilities lowers to an crazy degree. Players will constantly spam abilities trying to kill each others

    Special Delivery: Players will have to work together to deliver a special package to a checkpoint. Enemy players will actively try to stop the progress of the delivery.

    Capture the Flag: Players will have to work together in order to capture the enemy team flag and bring it to your side to get points.

    Competitive: Players will be able to rank up from different tiers. Players will receive a border or emblem to flex or show there rank. Players should be able to have the option to hide their rank.

    King of The Hill: Players will focus on capturing a single objective of the game. The team with the most points win.

    Push The Thick: (4-10) Players will be randomly place as team Buttercup or Makutu and each player will have to push each other off a map to score points to determine who is the thickest XD The team with the most points wins.

    DeathRace: I left a comment on someone else post about deathrace. Basically, Players will be in mounts from racing each other to a finish line. Players will have to work together to get to the end or kill each other before you reach the end. This can be team based or solo mode.

    Welp, this is all I got for now. Please leave a comment about new game mode suggestions.