I do not feel consistency

  • Original when I played the beta of Bleeding Beta, i enjoy it because it was a beta and the game was new. I was excited for the upcoming changes when the game released. After the game has been official released, I have mixed feelings. The format and style of the game suits me perfectly expect I do not like the execution when it comes to combat. The combat is simple and much more fast pace compared to the beta. The problem I have with the combat is there is not enough consistency when playing Bleeding Edge. I do not see enough consistency from damage output, escaping and kiting, killing enemies, teamwork, and power balance.

    When I played the game, I get frustrated and annoyed how i get teammates who are elite professional players and having to play against players who have no idea how to play or having terrible teammates who thinks this is a solo carry game and die all the time and never group. There are many team fights which occur, everyone is fighting and doing well then all of a sudden everyone leaves without any logical reasoning. I understand people will focus on objectives, troll, throws, or have no idea what to do. I am trying to focus on the fact that there are players who believe Bleeding Edge is a solo carry game which can ruin and cost people games with that mentality.

    I do not like how players do die quickly. I often feel many of my enemies should have died a lot sooner, but they only escape or get saved my teammates. It feels very frustrating and annoying for all 4 players to focus on target and the target constantly gets miracles. When you main a character, you understand how much damage you are able to deal to your enemies, but a lot the damage can get mitigated by healing or you simply get overpowered by another character. One game i will be damaging all my enemies like a god and the next game somehow my characters damage is now existence. It is not that I am a terrible players because with the new updates and changes, the game feels a lot smoother and face pace with drastically improved my combats and objective controlling. I do not feel the overall consistence damage output when playing the game.

    I feel there are too many dashes on players. I feel limiting the amount of dashes would be nice because players will die a lot faster and there will not be a lot of stalling. If you want to stall the game, you can make stall characters. I am not coming from a Tank player perspective, I am coming from the perspective of why does almost every character dashing every 5 seconds. Yes, I know there is a recharge on the dash, still does not excuse people are dashing too much. I feel every character should just simply have there own escape mechanic and almost everyone character being able to dash ruins gameplay and feel unnecessary.

    Team comps or character balance needs work or players simply need to get better at the game. I know every character has weakness and strengths, so when team comps players want to compliment each other. When done correct, you are an unstoppable force when can be different to deal with. I feel players do not understand team composition and some characters are a little too good at what they do. I do not want to keep playing one-sided every time I want to play Bleeding Edge.