New mode! Death race and A second chance!

  • New mode! Death race - in this mode 4-? Players will try to run/get to the finish line along the way preventing other players from reaching the finish line.

    A second chance!
    This is not a completely new mode this is an additional balance with a large difference in points, if the difference in points/score is more than 50% (585-100) then the players are moved to a separate arena, but there will already be a one-on-one battle then who won remains alive, the one who survived will fight with the next opponent and so on until one of the team runs out of heroes (I would like to be able to influence the game alone and not always count on the team this would solve problems such as join the game where the score of the enemies is 585 and you have 100 ) I hope you will take something from my offer in the future.

  • Death Race: all (4-8)players will be in mount form. All players shall race to the finish line to win or player survives without being killed win. There should be hazards everywhere and players could attack each others with weapons and guns. This come to a single player mode or a team based mode.

    I think second chance is a wonderful idea. I feel the one-on-one combat at the end should not determine the overall victory rather it is a separate victory. If the score of more than 50%, yes, there should be a second chance, but it not count to victory for the losing team. If the team who lost is able to win the second chance, the game is seen as a draw. If you lose the second chance, well, you lost twice lol XD.