Events and special skins of crossovers

  • Hi everyone, I'm new in the forum. My name is Aday, but before starting I want to apologize if my english is not very good.

    When I saw the Sea of Thieves even with the board, I thought all the cool things that could come from using Microsoft licenses, and other if some companies let their license.

    The idea would be something like:

    Temporary events from one or two weeks every one or two months.

    The event could consist of a horde mode or wave mode, with cooperative four-player pairing.

    Should you reject this idea, you would simply get the special coins to play matches.

    An idea to get the coins would be the following:

    • For each wave overcome we will get 5 special coins.

    • For every 10 waves we will get 100 special coins.

    • For each game won we will get 100 special coins.

    • For each lost game we will get 50 special coins.

    Special coins are necessary to buy the event skin, and each event could have its special currency, based on its license.

    Below I show you my ideas for special skins and their types of coins to get it:

    • Buttercap - based on the motorcycle of Gears of war 4. - Special coin: COG tag

    • Cass - Kuro of Ori and the blind forest or Shriek of Ori and the will of the whisps - Special coin: Energy Cell --- Riptor of Killer Instinct - Special coin: KI gold coins.

    • Daemon - Jago/Shadow Jago of Killer Instinct - Special coin: KI gold coins . (Maybe Link of The legend of Zelda - Special coins: Rupees --- Geralt of The witcher - Special coins: Orens --- Wolf of Sekiro - Special coins: Sen).

    • The Bastard - General Raam of Gears of war - Special coins: COG tag.

    • Gizmo - Conker world war model - Special coins: Banknotes.

    • Kulev - in progress.

    • Maeve - Gruntilda or Banjo - Kazooie (Banjo is Maeve and Kazooie the ball) - Special coins: musical notes.

    • Makuto - Battletoads - Special coins: flies.

    • Miko - Senua or the enemies of Hellblade Senua's Sacrifice - Special coins: Runes.

    • Níðhöggr - THE F*CKING JOHNNY SILVERHAND. (PLEASE CD PROJEKT SAY YES!!) - Special coins: Credits.

    • ZeroCool - Warthog of Halo - Special coins: Skulls .

    • Meko - In progress.

    This is the little idea, I hope you like it as much as I do and that we get to see it implemented in the game.

    I know that some like those of Nintendo and Sekiro are the most difficult to get, but the others do not think there are problems.

    Please, if you can think of some suggestions for Skins, tables, gestures or anything else, go saying it and let's continue adding content to everyone!

    Thank you so much for your attention.