Things that would get my friends to play.

  • I had my two brothers and a friend play with me eho really enjoyed the game but decided to leave until these issues were fixed so i hope developers see this.

    Healing: Healing is overal far too powrful. If you have two healers, the enemy team must do the same or lose. Implimenting a role lock where only one healer can be played would be good, and i think Zero cool should have healing reduced to be similar to other healers.

    Running away: Enemies run away too much and too easily. I think something like making enemies take more damage from behing while running or something similar, to insentivize staying to fight, would be good.

    Maeve: Her escapability trapping power and damage is far too good. She needs major balancing.

    Ranged attacks: Since melee is the highlight of this game idk why it seems like range is better. I think damage for ranged attacks should be reduced.

    Obviously i don't expect it all to come true but i feel like three are the main issues holding people back.