Please fix Zero Cool

  • I’m not sure if I’m the only player experiencing this when encountering zero cool, but I feel like he is too overpowered as a support. Whenever I go up against a zero cool it feels like he himself is unkillable and the person is healing is also unkillable. With zero cool’s speed and ability to put up a wall, it feels like you can’t kill him, he basically can just escape everything. And ik this doesn’t apply to all zero cool players, but a good zero cool just ruins the whole game for me. I can’t seem to get myself back into the game solely because of zero cool, and the fact that half my team doesn’t know how to play the game. Also why can zero cool just block off your path when using the boost pad, it’s literally a free kill. I’m not sure what the name of the map is, but it’s the one with 3 boost pads from spawn.

  • @x9hoo56 as someone who plays zero cool and cass. It all depends on what character you are playing. Cass annihilates zero cool because she can jump above the wall and chase him. Daemon is also good because he can move around the wall quick. And if you din't know how zero cool's healing works, he has to take a break from healing or he can't heal as much as the other supports so if you see hes ran out of healing thats your chance to either persue zero cool or kill the target hes healing