CC and how to balance it.

  • Crowd control(CC) abilities that limit a players ability to move, attack, ect are very strong in this game. This is a problem because when you get a team who can communicate well and time there cc abilities one after another can create a sort of cc chain. This is cc chain is practically unavoidable and is impossible to get out. The reason why this isn’t a problem in other games is because there is more teammates to save you and get the enemies off you. In bleeding edge however this is very difficult and sometimes impossible with only four plays and causes 25% of your team to be gone with in seconds of combat.

    My proposal on how to balance cc a little more then it is already is to give the player who got cc’d a small reduction and to remove mods that punish cc further ie reduced healing on cc target, extra dmg on cc target, and extended duration on cc targets.

    If that isn’t enough to balance cc and cc chains, cc can further be balanced by longer cool downs, less duration, and making them easier to avoid.