Idea for helping new members

  • Say someone has introduced a friend in but they have very high level characters so are in a high level game why not make a game mode that limits characters level to say 2 so people don't get destroyed by level 5 and 8.

    What I purpose is mode that states you cannot play a set character if they are above a level but if someone else has a lower level that they can play. This will help others learn different tactics and help newcomers and old ones level up others.

    Thank you for your time

  • @AngelObullets

    I love this idea! The only problem I see is if you have all characters beyond the level cap except for one. If someone in your team takes that character, you can't choose any and are stuck on that screen (unless the game locks others out of that character automatically). It sounds like such a silly thing to be worried about, but with how matchmaking currently works it's a valid concern. ^^