I'd Like Smaller Maps or 5v5

  • I heard some feedback from youtubers. One criticism that I agreed with was that the maps felt a bit big and/or spacious. But after playing a bit more I was thinking it would be funner if it was 5v5 rather than 4v4 which would also pump up the action a bit and add more strategy to team compositions.

    What do you guys think? Are the maps fine as they are? Could the game not even handle teams of five?

  • @MORDECA13021
    Smaller maps maybe, but 5V5 would just make the ttk skyrocket. Plus very annoying.

    I think the maps are fine to me, some of them need to be smaller around certain areas, where people never go for example.

  • @MORDECA13021

    Currently I'm fine with how things are in terms of map and team sizes, though I wouldn't be against a Tug-o'-War map - a straight line with minimal cover, pushing enemies back until you capture objectives. Not sure how it would work with the TTK being so high, but I take inspiration from Paladins and the like on this. ^^

  • @Votre-Daron Isn't that where team composition comes into question? Like putting extra slayers one the team for instance.

  • @MORDECA13021 Team comosition or not the burstiest fighters nid, and with another healer mayber or even dps it won't change anything, eveything is balanced out around 4V4 plus the game's own thing is that it's a 4V4 game.