Miko QOL ideas

  • Just think as a melee support with (appropriately) subpar damage she should have a higher base HP. 700 base seems good in my mind but unsure.
    Also the mod that reduces cooldowns per swing feels really insignificant and should get a buff to bring it more in line with her speed buffs, stasis augments and others.

  • @do-it-for-him
    She actually has a lot of sustain with the five second healing, but it would really be cool to increase her damage, cause her damage always feels very underpowered even when compared with the two other supports.

  • As a Miko main, I have to disagree, she's actually got great survivability and sustain and has some of the best defensive cooldowns in the game. If her HP was higher, she'd be op. It is however absolutely essential to learn how to parry because that immensely increases her survivability, but that goes for every character in the game. To be competitive everyone with the ability to parry needs to learn the mechanic and practice it in the dojo. You'll be amazed at how much better you become at surviving melee pressure. She does indeed have the lowest damage in the game, but between her freeze and the fact that melee has hit stun she's amazing at keeping someone off her as well as locking down an enemy kill target for the team, or doing something like keeping an enemy gizmo pressued while your team secures a kill on the enemy support.

    For mods, you pretty much always want the 20% movement speed on taking damage, especially if you're already having problems staying alive in fights. The only time I don't run it is when I'm solo healing and run 12% chain heal, 1s cd reduction on chain heal when it bounces, and 0.5s increased freeze.