Improved hoverboard gameplay

  • Please add nitro to the hoverboard so we can have fun racing to safety or into combat. I also think you should implement rails around the arena and give us the ability to grind them and do simple tricks, adding to our super meter. This game gives me jet set radio vibes!

    Update: Grinding increases movement speed

  • @CAPO-9 sunset overdrive Vibe, I don't know if I like it... I would just say to make the overboard a bit faster not really adding the nitro, if you think about it... Adding a nitro would make Cass significantly slower since she's the only character not riding on something but counting only on her legs she has a predetermined speed also she's supposed to be a fast character, so adding a nitro to overboards wouldn't be balanced to those who don't have one.
    The main reason for what you're writing here I think is because you'll like to have more speed added to move faster around the map, and I kind of agree with you at a certain point, but also... You must think that adding too much speedy gameplay would make players run easier from fights, so fewer kills in a game could lead (especially on this kind of game) to a boring chasing gameplay mechanism of unlimited fights with no kills involved.

  • @eKEYN maybe they can cause the hoverboard to accelerate with speed the longer you ride it until it reaches a max. Make it speed up basically.