Matchmaking Balancing

  • The current matchmaking system is not capable of creating balanced matches. I as a player (and assume everyone playing Bleeding Edge) find it fair to go into matches which are balanced.

    Currently people are stacking in groups of three or four to have a more fun experience because playing alone is terrible. I am not against people playing together, but I find it unacceptable that the matchmaking is matching three or four man groups into a team full of solo players, a duo with another duo, a duo with two solo players or a three man group with one solo player.

    Matchmaking should match the same amount of players grouping against eachother to balance it out, because right now there is no point playing the game because the solo experience is terrible.

    So what do you do to tackle this? You find people to group with and the cycle repeat. This leads to players in the opposing team leaving, going AFK or never playing the game again.

    Also the matchmaking should not fill into matches in which the enemy team is a couple points away from their win. It is unneccesary to go into queue to find a match which ended so you can requeue again.

    I'd rather be able to reconnect to a match I disconnected or crashed to have a probability to turn the match than being put in an instant loss in which I have no power and is a waste of my time.

    I believe that the matchmaking as it is will have a negative impact on the playerbase in the long term and should be looked into.

    PS: Having a four man group doesnt automatically mean its a win, but the majority of the time the groups have at least some decent coordination with eachother which the other team has not. Maybe if voice chat worked for everyone.


  • 100% agree... the solo experience is HORRIBLE!

    I have played around with Bleeding Edge since it first launched about a week and a half ago and I really think this could be a huge success, but the matchmaking/gameplay if left as is will turn me off of it for good.

    Since, there are only 4v4 matches available, it is IMPOSSIBLE to win or even have an enjoyable experience without following your healer around (if you are lucky enough to have one of your 4 teammates be a healer).

    I think there should be class restrictions before searching for each team (1 support, 2 damage, 1 tank). This way, teams will ALWAYS be balanced and will enforce the necessary teamwork in each game. Just my two cents.....

  • Completely agree, people say 4stacks get faced against 4stacks etc but that's just not true, I'm a soloQ player and I've had way more times than I can count that I where against 4stacks as a team with complete randoms, I've also had games where I came into a 2-3 stack and faced off against randoms, its nearly always a complete stomp and its ruining the fun for soloQ players aswell as the group thats stacking, a known member of the community 'Loudjules' pointed out yesterday hes at a 80% winrate with his group and he gets faced against people completely new to the game with under 1hour played and completely stomps them, just not fun for anyone and I wouldnt stick around if I was new to the game trying to learn and getting matched against groups like that.

  • @Qviizt pointing out winrate is pointless at this stage because there are too many factors influencing it.

  • It can be rough sometimes for sure and a lot of it is down to SBMM. If you're performing well one day then get ready to match with people that have barely played 10 games just to handicap you down to around 50% w/r. At the same time it is unrealistic to expect 4 stacks to always match vs other 4 stacks because there's simply not enough 4 stacks around.

    It doesn't bother me too much although would much prefer SBMM not to be a thing but it's pretty much expected in online games nowadays. The thing that really bothers me is 20% of my games have been backfills into a defeat screen like you also mentioned. When the Leaver's Penalty is meant to prioritise you into those queues yet I've never left a match early and I'll still go 5 out of 6 games in a row where I'm just backfilling, it just encourages me to leave lol

    I'm pretty content on just playing for practice until Ranked/Customs but I understand most want a lot more out of their experience right now.