How is the Oceanic/Asia region managed?

  • I know the servers are the same for Oceanic and Asia players and from what I've gathered they are based closer to Australia then Asia, I'm playing from Australia and I'll tell you the amount of people with poor connection I play against is appauling and if it persists I don't see my friends I play with sticking around too long as laggy players though may not have the advantage, anything you do to them is the subject of lag compensation and i've had a few instance of times I died then came back to life for a moment only to die again to a the Gizmo shooting me frim Asia which can't be a good sign.

    I wrote this mainly to ask the question as to how are the servers managed? Are they in Sydney or north Queensland? Are they split between a few locations? Is the possibility of splitting the region on the table? Maybe adhest matchmaking to not be so worried about making a lobby in 1 min and give more time for players to form better ping balanced lobbies (I can assure you Aussies are no stranger to 10 min+ queues)

  • They don't answer to questions, dude. I don't even know if there are some of their people here. Mainly player chat and opinions.

    The lag is known, they'll solve it when they fell like it.

    That's the honest answer. I'm sorry.

  • Games DEAD HAHAHAHAHAH serves them right

  • I have the same issue, don't know if I'm playing with other Australians or what because the lag is so dodgy in every game. Every time an enemy jumped or evaded all I saw on my screen was them teleporting, and yeah I get pulled back in time to die and then come back to life

  • Same problem here.

    Because the game doesn't show your ping or what server you're connecting too in the world, I have no idea if I'm playing with Australians or Americans or what.

  • When I played on PC from Australia I didn't notice any lag.

    Now that I'm on xbox (PC version won't reinstall), the lag is every game.

    Combo that with frame drops and its wrecking the experience.

    Hopefully something gets sorted soon.