Please make ranged attacks louder and / or more noticable

  • You can't reliably hear ranged attackers, even when they are attacking you directly, in the middle of a team fight. The other combat sounds completely drown out the ranged attacks sounds, for me at least. In particular Gizmo, with this huge gun that makes little spitting noises.

    Please, make the ranged attack sounds louder or make it more noticible when ranged attacks damage you. My downvote on Steam will stand until this is addressed.

  • @WITNESSME6303 Same with maeve too, you just notice that your health is dropping heavily but you never know why or don't know where that enemy is when you're in a middle of a team fight it's just so frustrating.

  • @WITNESSME6303

    I'm with you on this. Gizmo and Zero Cool are chipping away at my health and without being able to see where it's coming from it's more a nuisance than anything. If not louder then maybe a more visible damage indicator, or make hitscan projectiles with player impact have some greater effect.

    The game is chaotic in a group fight, and if you're a role that's focussing on control or healing you really can't focus on anything but what you're currently doing without worrying about incoming damage. ^^