New mode IDEA

  • Hello everyone, I've started playing this game yesterday with a friend and we love it.
    Of course we think it needs a couple tweaks to be more enjoyable with time more characters and more customization is indeed needed to create more interest on unlocking stuff but in this thread I would like to just focus on Game Modes.

    At the moment we have two game modes (capture obj. And collect cells), very fun and enjoyable modes.
    But the lack of variety of game modes brings the style or kind of game play for each match being very repetitive.

    I was thinking of a new game mode, very simple but also tactical. Well actually I have a couple of modes but... Anyway...

    Have you guys ever played something like a king of the hill? I imagine you did right? But a simple king of the hill wouldn't be good enough for a game like this right? So...
    Imagine a game style like king of the hill but a sort of power cell needed to be retrieve in the first phase ( like in the collecting phase of cells mode but with only one in the map) which will spawn randomly around the map.
    This cell is heavier and bigger than the ones we're used to see so more damage is needed to break the box. Once this cell is carried by one player the player who carries this cell can't no longer use overboard/ dodge/ ultra while carrying. (some ultras let characters move faster)
    After the powercell has been picked up two random objective area will be unlocked simultaneously to tell the team that carries the powercell to move towards one of the two objectives to earn score for the team.
    Just like in king of the hill, the more he holds that powercell in there the more score they get.
    Enemy team or the team who tries to kill the carrier , can see the objective areas to prepare assault or hunt down the enemy team.

    note: as soon as the objective areas are visible a timer will start for the powercell alarm for example (60sec). Once that timer is over the alarm of the power cell will go off and the carrier will be visible to the enemy team in the minimap.

    The powercell can't be stealed and cannot be passed to another teammate. Once the carrier is killed the power cell will be destroyed with the carrier, and another power cell will spawn after his death.
    (This is needed to enforce the first fight towards the new upcoming powercell)

    Each kill earns 10 pts but killing the carrier grants your team 20 pts. Holding the objective with the cell carrier inside earns 3pts per sec(max 180pts =60sec). After that the objectives will go offline and a new bomb will be reset randomly.

    I hope this sounds interesting to you guys, this is just a small idea of another competitive mode for this amazing game, adding a bit of strategy and as always teamwork to improve the game play variety.
    What you guys think?
    Apologies for my English, I'm from Italy.

  • Nice! Im liking how it sound! It will add an extra layer of depth to the current simplier modes! Nice one!

  • @eKEYN
    It's actually a king of the hill+capture the flag+ new features. It's actually a great idea.

  • @Votre-Daron thanks