The double healers

  • I thought it was counterable before, but the more I played against it the more it became extremely annoying and an easy win for the enemy team, it only works with miko and zerocool since she can protect him very well. Tried avery character, even powered up Daemon and just nothing.

    If zero cool's healing was at the same level as for the other healers it wouldn't be a problem, but because his healing ouput is so great it's just too annoying, especially on maps with high ground, and on landslide if he takes a defense power up it's finished, you just can't take him down if his team protects him just a little.

  • Yep. Double healer is so damn annoying. I have had matches where the enemies were completely stomping us, and we turned it around easily because someone in our team picked another support. There needs to be ways to counter healing, or make the heal effects a bit lower if a team has more than 1 healer.

  • I feel like this game could really profit of a role lock system, but the problem is that there are three classes and it's a 4v4 game, some characters like Miko with a Stalker build doesn't heal as much, or Makutu that can provide secondary heals as a tank might need to get re-evaluated and a fourth category created to enable this role lock system that could do very good to this game competitively

  • No I think dedicated healers themselves is the issue here. Having healers in the game puts pressure on someone on the team to play at least 1 healer, maybe 2. If nobody in the team picks a healer, then the team is just at a disadvantage. And when a healer is available, the other player's survival (and therefore enjoyment) is dependent wholly on another player. This creates dependence of players on each other, which can go to ways:

    They can work together

    They can not work together.

    Considering the amount of effort and coordination required to work together, most of the time, it is likely that players will fail to work together either intentionally or unintentionally. This WILL cause friction between teammates and make working together even less likely. This is just a recipe for toxicity.

    I think it would be best to remove dedicated healers from the game. Allow all characters to heal passively overtime when out of combat (like in Paladins: Champions of the Realm) and increase the respawn rate of health pick-ups significantly. That way, players can just pick whichever character they want to play and just focus on fights and kills. They can just disengage from fights and wait to heal up or pick up health pick ups when they are available.

    This would cause a lot less friction between players and is the way to go ultimately. Think of it being less of a moba style team game and more of a fighting game with different archetypes of characters.

    Like in fighting games, you have the squishy glass cannons, the slow and strong beefcakes, the balanced all arounders, and everything in between. I Think Bleeding Edge should focus in that direction more. Like being a 3rd person hack'n'slash smash bros kind of game. NOT a moba like overwatch teamwork based game. I think that is the main thing here. Thoughts?

  • @Omid-RG I feel like the counter would be recognizing the double heal matchup and utilize the damage boosters with say a gizmo and daemon combo both grabbing damage boosters should be able to melt zero cool even in a double healer match up.