Can we have FFA Deathmatch

  • I really would like to play it. I think it would be a nice way to train you hero because you can have more 1vs1 duells e.t.c

  • Idk if it would work. You just cant win a duel against Kulev or Miko.

  • You can. For example...
    Miko have 6 bars of life, with Daemon you can do 6 bars of damage with 3 shurikens in best condition.
    This alone will kill her if she have no life spell aviable.
    Kulev is a bit harder because of his shields. But if you have the mod with Daemon who gives you 10Lp back per hit you beat him easy because if he runs out of dodges hes dead.

    I also think FFA should have a slow health regen if you out of fight for 10 secs but maybe shouldnt count while invinsible balance whise.