My Bleeding Edge Review + suggestion

  • Hello all,

    I wanted to keep playing this game more before writing anything about it. I discovered bleeding edge from the beta a month ago where it captured me so good I didn't put the controller down all weekend. Now it's a bit of a different situation.

    The gameplay is great as usual but here are my top cons.

    • very laggy games
    • stuck in pregame lobbies for ten minutes with no way to leave but getting penalized
    • penalized punishments are just dumb. If I get penalized from disconnecting from a lobby or leave a long queueing pre game lobby I have to play three games with absolutely no rewards, no XP, nothing?
    • matching system is not skill based as I am always being put with people that don't know anything or okay objective
    • two game modes and by luck you always play the one you hate


    • simple
    • fun
    • cool characters
    • interesting abilities (a lot of work needs to be done to even all the op stuff tho)
    • I feel as if it's heading in the right direction
    • ranked coming soon
    • new heroes coming soon
    • no microtransactions
    • free if you have gamepass

    Somethings I'd love to have added to the game would be a gamemode queueing option. If I could just play some domination and not that cell collection mode that I play 4/5 games... I would be much more into this game and have better things to say

  • This game need a classical MOBA mode like Smite.
    Towers, Lane and Nexus.