A few suggestions about matchmaking

  • Please find a way so you dont backfill to any match that has started already. It kills ur stats plus it's like a loss already. Find a way where it waits to find you a game to start it from the beginning everytime it would be much appreciated

    yea someone else suggested that they make it like cod i believe where if you join late it wont count as a loss but will still count as a win.

    i did join a game when the enemy had 30 cells and we had 16 cells and we still managed to win. i somehow collected 34 cells in one round. and we won it. (im probs just bragging) lol but yea they arent impossible.

    if it made it so you never join a late game, when people leave your games, you will never get a new teamate. so they have to make it so some people join late games.

    like i said i think they should just make those kinda games not save the loss in the stats.

  • @D4m0R3d
    In50% we managed to win for me, so its a 50/50 situation. It's just that their former teammate wasn't interested in cooperating most of the times and it also feels good when you have a backfiller and he carries your team. But Cod's way of doing it is extremely great I think.

  • It says that quitters might fill games in need, but I don't quit, still I see myself filling games.

    If just that is fixed, it might be awesome.

    I've been punished for someone's fault.