This game needs urgently.

  • English is not my native language. So........
    Skins: This game is just not fantastic for lack of Skins. The person who developed this game ever played LOL, SMITE or APEX? You do not know that this is essential to make the game double up to triple the number of characters when selecting. With several Skins it's another game, it's always a different game, it's always something new. Any analysis of this game that says it lacks content, is telling the truth, simply because of the lack of Skins.
    With Skins the screen will always look different. These horrible colors are not Skins. This game needs content urgently. There is no point in launching new characters and looking at the screen and always seeing the same thing.

    Cancel Hellblade 2 and put everyone to work on this game, because this game has more quality and value.

  • @Andre-LMay-BR

    they definately need some skins other than blue tier skins, like purple and legendary. hopefully they come soon. but i personally dont find it to be a big deal. im trying to buy all the trails and customise hoverboards.

    although i found the skins they did release to be pretty good anyways. makuttu red looks super cool. and kulev green looks awsome too.

    and lol they cant just cancel hellblade 2

  • This game is great, but the cosmetics/unlockables are disappointing for sure.