That's it for me.

  • Last 3 games played I was the only player left as the other 3 members left.... And then 3 more joined just as it got to Defeat.
    Not to mention all day its been happening, does not make for an enjoyable game.

    No one uses a mic or communicates, credit system is just weak, 11- 16 credits per game is not good at all.

    Matchmaking is all over the place, and this is with an Alpha and 2 Beta tests.

    I did enjoy my time playing, but with little to zero team play I feel like that's it for myself, but I do hope the game does well.

    And for the comments that are bound to come like " Don't let the door hit you on the way out " its ok I have a few friends holding it open for me.

  • @SilentParasite have you tried grouping up with people? I use a mic all the time when i solo but only play towards end of night. I recommend adding people who have this as even a group of 2 makes a big difference.

  • @SilentParasite

    get friends.

    or learn not to take the game so serious after all "why you so mad, is only game"

    take it serious when comp comes out.

    also 3 games in a row, you sure you arent horrible at the game? maybe you are pushing them away?

    are you using a mic? is your mic horrible quality making them want to leave?

    are you toxic calling people shit or something?