LFG or a team for the future

  • Hi, I'm looking for a group of people who want to play Bleeding Edge at some level. But even the game mainly have fun. I already have some competitive experience from more esport games. I do not know what the future of BE but I want to give this game a chance. My preferred position is Ranged damage. I only play on Xbox under the name RGZ Leshran.

  • @RGZ-Leshran yo man if you add me in game ' ttv Zappies' id happily do it.

    Im a support main primarily Kulev and Miko - had previous esports experience in LoL and Overwatch but really holing BE introduce a ranked system and get an esports scene going 🙂

  • Ok i send you FR! 😉

  • @RGZ-Leshran Muy buenas, yo empece hace poco y el juego esta bastante roto jajaja. Si buscais algun integrante para jugar podeis agregarme que estare encantado jajaaj

  • @RGZ-Leshran As I said multiple times, they should introduce a searching for a group feature, like overwatch has.