Balancing and bug reporting

  • Not sure how these issues, and a lot that I am probably missing here, didn't get addressed before launch.

    Bug reporting:

    why is there only specific issues you can report and not a custom or other option for issues that are coming up that the dev team didn't think of?

    Game balancing:

    Why is there not a movement speed penalty for basic attacks and abilities? Why can range attackers keep attacking and keep up with a healer trying to run/escape. That's nonsense. Being engaged should come with a move speed penalty or being disengaged should come with a move speed bonus. Or balance it in a way as to where somone attacking should not be able to keep pace with someone running.

    Using inverted controls does not make aiming abilites inverted. How was this missed? It's basic game mechanics.

  • I'm right on board with these changes, been sucked to death too many times by a double team of maeve and kulev. Also it would be nice if they fixed their GD SERVERS