Early feedback

  • The lag in this game is still major, even though I play other multiplayer games and I have zero problems with them.

    Certain fighters just still feel too oppressive (maeve, daemon, el bastardo).

    Maeve is just extremely annoying, her cage and siphon life combo is still broken and her vanish is the better escape ever, and her passive means siphon and cage all the time. I don't know why she's still marked as advanced

    Daemon still does the same invisible no limit mod, gets all the cells, waits till two or three points are open and makes an enormous deposit with 0 counter. For the people who see him while invisible I just think you're looking at your teammate.

    Even though el bastardo is hella tanky, I just think I'm biased so..... Yeah.

    This game also need a team up option directly on the game like overwatch, this game needs it so badly.

    The in game reward credits are not enough at all, just makes grinding for a simple recolor skin not worth the effort nor the time.

    When are the anti healing power ups coming up?

  • Agree 100 with everything you said.

    Wont tell anything about Maeve but she need some cooldowns balance or something.

    Daemon is OP as hell especially on CELL objective maps.

    El Bastardo need some nerfs, He is tanky, he is DPS he is everything at least how I see him.