Need more team play.

  • The game is fantastic, but the one problem its got for now is the lack of players using chat / mics, and the ones thinking they can take on 4 players solo. Please guys even if you dont use a mic listen to those that do for call outs that need your help, it will make your time playing much more enjoyable.
    Us poor supports are getting destroyed because the other 3 members of the team seem more interested in kills and chasing that 1 player to the side of the map just to get that kill, than gameplay and pto.

  • @SilentParasite

    They should definitly add a team up option like overwatch, it would make this game 100 times better.

  • Have the mic,but dont use it because of the so much noise in background. Its better and almost a must to use mic in this kind of games. Anyways I met a guy with mic who using it ,and I dont and we still played better.

  • There's terrible teamwork and then they'll even penalize you and force you to backfill games if you want to quit the match instead of tolerating people knowingly throwing games. It's great.