Tanks aren’t necessary in this meta

  • So far I’ve notice if you use 2 healers and 2 dps then you have no need for a tank because the dps can just melt them and then they aren’t worth anything

  • @BankableBlock99

    probebly bad tanks. i think it depends on what dps they are. i feel like a nidhogr, cass and gizmo are tank killers. but even still it depends on what tank and how good they are. like a buttercup should have no problem dealing with cass and gizmo. a elbastardo can probs deal with all of them (probs not if ti was a cass, gizmo combo) and a makuto could deal with nidhogr and maybe run from the others. but aslong as you have a good team with good healers you should be fine. i reckon if they have 2 dps and you have a tank still yuo should probs be running zero cool for the extra heals.

    but maybe you are right

  • I guess tanks need more "deffensive" options. Like how el bastardo generates shields... Buttercup and Makuto have some slight healing options which is not enough for a tank!