Suggestions for blinding edge

  • Hello, I'm a player of steam. I found several problems in the test. The feedback is as follows:

    1. There is no balance between the game's mission objectives and the battle. Many times, the teammates are fighting instead of completing the mission objectives. What's more, they are chasing after the residual blood by themselves. We often see two of us chasing after one of the residual blood in the opposite direction. A good group can say goodbye. It is recommended to weaken the player's kill icon prompt to promote team cooperation.
    2. I don't know if anyone else has encountered a bug that can't lock the target in the game. It's OK to play close combat, and the remote role is directly abandoned.
    3. The wonderful collection is inexplicable. I often see the dazed camera.
    4. When the blood volume is too low or a large number of injuries are suffered at one time, there is no obvious lens sound effect prompt when being controlled.
    5. There is no obvious voice prompt when the characters are released (maybe I'm not familiar with the characters, and I haven't paid attention to them except ninja and the old woman)
    6. It is still the sound effect problem. There is no characteristic BGM in the match point, and it is often unable to make corresponding adjustment in time when the task score is not paid attention to.
      Bleeding Edgeis an interesting game.Hope to maintain long-term vitality in subsequent updates.

    1. Yea I agree that objectives are kinda overlooked, but honestly , that's how players like to play games ! There is nothing interesting about standing on a circle and capture it, while enemy captures the other one at the other side of the map, and then you have to go for the other one again and again. I know why you are upset about it, and that's because a team needs to stay together. When half of your team is going for objective and the other half is being smacked by enemy, it will end up being frustrating. If you wanna pursue objectives, ya'll gotta do it. If you are not interested in objectives, ya'll gotta stomp the enemy together. That's when the game gets fun. I've had collect and deliver games which we didn't even deliver 20 power cells ! We just kept killing the enemies until we won. And I like this kind of freedom in pursuing the objective of game.
    2. Yea it happened to me a couple of times, and it suddenly puts your team in a huge disadvantage.
    3. The camera's issue in my eyes, is not an issue. It's a feature. It makes you think before positioning, and before attacking an enemy. If you can manage to throw an enemy into a wall, they're pretty much boned. Meanwhile, you gotta be careful not to get thrown at walls, and used evade to get away from it at all cost. In some roofed areas, it will jitter unnecessarily, but since we have the focus mechanic and don't have to aim, it's not too big of a problem. Overall, It's a great issue that makes you double check your position.