Game is designed like melee OW, it should be like Smash Brothers instead

  • pretty much what the title is saying.

    Overall I'm disappointed in how each character is realized/designed and how the game operates as a whole.

    The game feels and presents itself as a melee focused OW but falls into the same pitfall as For Honor in that a team based melee game with hit-stun just isn't fun. For Honor plays best in 1v1 and 2v2, but instead of focusing on that they tried to push a 4v4 game mode and what happened is that one person would just get ganged up on by 4 people and it was awful. Being murdered by 4 players and not being able to do ANYTHING for the whole time because of hitstun is just awful. At least For Honor had the revenge mechanic as well as friendly tripping to discourage ganging up players but it still happens a lot and this game does not have those.

    Even the characters in For Honor are better expressed with unique combos. FH has light and strong attacks as well as grabs. That means when you are looking at combos you see more than "press x a lot". Sure BE has abilities but I would take a more in depth battling system compared to one off abilities that you just shoot at your enemies when they are off cooldown.

    IMO this game should be designed more like smash brothers (minus all the clone characters) emphasizing on moving in that third direction that this game has over that. I know its too late to just redesign and balance the game from the ground up but personally Im very disappointed in the experience the beta has to offer and I'm probably never going to play this.

    Whats amazing is the graphics, art style, and soundtrack. Seriously you guys nailed that 10/10 on each of those catagories. Its just the actual game play i find horrible which unfortunately makes this a difficult buy for me.