Suggestions to take this game to the next level

  • Dearest legends at Team Ninja

    What an amazingly fun game you guys have created for us. I've enjoyed my time with this game a great deal. I'd love to share with you some suggestions that I think could help elevate this game to the next level. Some minor, and some a little more significant. The great news is that you have an incredibly solid base to build from.

    1. Alternate cast mode for AOE skills
    Currently casting an AOE skill is a little difficult (e.g Gizmo's Sucka). Having to hold the mouse down and move the telegraph around on the floor, locks the camera in the position you were facing - which makes it hard to make sudden movements in a different direction or to even aim your skill properly. My suggestion here is to implement an alternative casting mode, similar to games like Smite where the telegraph is consistently in front of you, allowing you to move and turn around freely before triggering it either either a mouse release or key stroke.

    2. More meaningful mods
    Some of the mods for characters don't make a meaningful impact, and there are ones which are clearly more useful than others. Once I unlock the ones I like there is very little tempting me to try something else. Perhaps implementing a bigger give and take would make them more meaningful. (e.g 25% extra damage but at the cost of increased cool down). Or possibly mods could change the way a skill works all together (e.g Zero Cool's recharge could change from a slow channel heal, to a single burst AOE heal).

    3. Character leveling
    Perhaps you could implement character progression throughout the match that allows you to spend points into installing mods and/or upgrading them throughout a match. That would help diversify character builds. E.g everyone starts a match at Level 1 with no mods. Then at certain levels you unlock a mod slot. Every other level allows you to place an upgrade on an installed mod to make it stronger. You could then by cap how many upgrades you can installed so that not all 3 mods can be upgraded fully.

    4. Gimme those skins
    You guys have been teasing skins for a while. I cannot WAIT to see what insane skins are available to unlock. My suggestion here is to make an abundance of them and really diversify their looks. Make us chase those carrots.

    5. More diverse support characters
    You have 3 really interesting support classes. My suggestion here is to diversify the roster with more support characters with interesting mechanics.

    Thanks for reading guys.

    I wish you all the best towards launch and beyond!

  • @Kessandrion

    i dont like your character leveling idea. sounds like it would ruin the pace of the game and is just an unnneccesarry annoyance.

    i see people complain about aoe abilities all the time, i have never struggled with them but i dont play them much. is the issue that enemies are close and will dash away out of your line of sight and you are unable to aim it?? if so i feel like they could just make it so your character turns with it. like you suggested yea.

    i feel like the mods are already meaningfull, i think they should just show us the values of damage and watnot in game so we can physically see the impact these mods have.