Comprehensive Beta feedback

  • Hi, I'd like to submit my personal feedback and opinions on the game at the state of the last beta. Please note that any technical difficulties the game might have had during the beta is NOT considered relevant for this feedback post. I want to focus on the game itself and since technical difficulties are to be expected in betas I do not consider them to be detrimental elements to the game as of right now. I also don't take fighter balancing and meta into consideration, as these things are ever evolving elements.

    - About me

    I think it's relevant to know where I come from before getting into it. We all have different 'gaming backgrounds' and I believe this greatly influences our point of perspective. I personally come mainly from the 'hero shooter' scene. The two games I've sunk the most hours into are Overwatch and Team Fortress. I also played some 'MOBAs' (HotS) and fighting games (SSBM). Bleeding Edge sits at the crossroads of these video game genres so I like to believe that makes me a fitting candidate to have an informed opinion on the game. I am in no way implying that the opinions of someone without this kind of 'gaming background' is less relevant than mine. With that out of the way, lets get into it.

    - Standard objective capping

    I think the mode feels great, but I'd remove the phase where the 3 points are active at the same time. The game is entirely based on team coordination and that phase makes it harder to regroup and create big team fights. The 2 objectives phase creates another layer of strategy where the teams have to consider the engagement location and a back-capping option, but I feel like more than that creates more confusion than enjoyment.

    - Powercell

    This mode seems a bit disliked in the community as of right now and I have to admit I also prefer the other one. Ninja Theory mentioned the game was much more MOBA oriented at one point and this mode seems a vestige of that. I personally have nothing against the game leaning in that direction after launch, but it all depends on community feedback. I'd suggest maybe a boss fight would make the mode more dynamic. Going for power-ups during downtimes can get a bit boring so a PVE element to get a team buff could be fun.

    - Map features

    I think the maps could benefit from the addition of more hiding spots. These little vents on Aqueduc are super fun to camp into to surprise the enemy team and I'd like the mechanic to be available on every map. I also enjoy the environmental hazards, but I'd personally reduce the damage coming from the train. Maybe half the damage but add a little push-back/stunt to it? Nobody likes loosing a fight because someone got blindsided by the damn train again.

    - Role Queue

    Nobody likes arguing with strangers about who's going to do what before the spawn doors open. Overwatch had a major problem with this and they solved it by adding a role queue. I've already seen multiple people requesting the feature on different platforms. While I understand the desire for it, I think people don't realize the full impact the feature could have on the game. First, queue times can vary greatly from one role to another. Overwatch is currently dealing with this, the DPS queue averaging x5 longer wait times than support or tank. Also, I think people underestimate the complexity of implementation for the dev team. Creating and maintaining an MMR system is a big of a task enough, fragmenting it into different roles is even harder to do. Considering the small team at work here, I don't know how viable this option is for the game. I think it would still be beneficial for the game in the long run though.

    - Backfilling

    Coming into a game 30 seconds before a sure loss is not enjoyable. The game tries to fill any match with 8 people at all time and it creates unnecessary hassle for players backfilling dead games. I'd suggest limiting the system so it stops searching for backfillers under certain circumstances. Once one of the team is 85-90% up to map completion with a 50% advantage over the other side, for example. (I'm just throwing numbers but you get what I mean). Adding a surrender option could also be a solution. I would also suggest cancelling match entirely if someone leaves before the first objectives opens, as starting a match with a 3V4 is a clear disadvantage. (this could be limited to a competitive mode though)

    - 'Heal me' key

    Overwatch has a key to ask your healer for some support. It triggers a voice line but more importantly it pings your location for your healer. A very simple feature that could be added into the ping system to make the lives of healers easier.

    -Remove killcam option

    This is pretty self-explanatory. I hate having to watch me die again when the fight is not over. I want to be able to POV a teammate immediately to know what's going on and to maybe make some calls. Pretty simple feature most games have.

    - Mods menu

    Mods can already be filtered when going through them. I'd suggest adding a filter corresponding to fighters abilities. Makes it easier to create builds that focuses on one powerful ability. Being able to TAB to see ability description in the menu would also be useful. As of right now if you don't know all the ability names by heart you have to back into the previous menu to check the fighter profile.

    - Teammate position

    I'd suggest adding a UI element on the edge of the screen pointing towards teammate position. This would make it easier to know who is where and keep track during fights. This could be adjustable to activate only at a certain distance, or be turned off completely. I think its important that this feature be on a toggle in the option menu, as some people would just consider it screen crowding.

    - Wallhacks

    As of right now, any enemy can be seen trough walls anytime a teammate as line of sight on it. I think this is too generous when it comes to map awareness. I'd suggest activating the wallhacks only when a teammate is actually doing damage to an enemy, keeping it on for 2-3 seconds at most. I personally would go further than that by removing it entirely to be honest, but I understand the game is trying to appeal to more casual and console oriented folks, so I think this could be a good compromise.

    - Ability description

    I think the game could benefit from being a little bit more precise when it comes to ability description in the 'TAB' menu in-game. Some descriptions are pretty generic and leave plenty of room for interpretation. Some combos are simply not mentioned in the menu (think Makutu jump combo). I don't know if its intentional from the dev team but I'd personally prefer having all the informations at disposal when learning how to play a character.

    This is it! Thank you for reading all the way down here! I'd like to mention English is not my first language so I apologize for any grammar or spelling mistakes.

  • i also come from fighting games, and hero shooters such as overwatch and tf2

    as for the standard objective capping point. i feel like the round with 3 points gives the losing team a chance for a comeback. if the losing team decides to group up and focus one point they can cap at least one, and then push over to another, giving them a better chance of taking the lead. even if they dont group up and do this. the winning team tends to get greedy and want all 3, and so that will usually spread them out, making it easier for the losing/ worse team to win fights. at least this is how i feel it has been going in my games but i could be wrong. i think it is just early rn and people arent playing competetively and thinking about how they should play. and in my games i use mics and communicate these things, so this is how my games go.

    as for the cell mode, i started liking it after they changed it to 3 cells with smaller health, its actually kinda fun and might have become my favoured mode.

    as for the train. no way they cannot remove or nerf the train. its pretty obvious when the trains come and you can easily get out of the way in time. the only time you die to it is when you are a noob or you arent paying attention.
    the train adds for amazing and hilarious plays. and when i die to the train i laugh every time.
    the train is great the way it is and i would be super sad if they made it so it didnt kill peeps : (

    as for role que, how should they set up the team comp? 2 tanks? 2 healers? 2 dps? i dont like the idea of role que and yes overwatch had a problem because all the heros were vastly different and everyone wanted to play the hero they mained. healers in overwatch werent fun. and most people had fun with dps. so far i havent seen this to be an issue in this game, but i have seen people complaining so im sure its happening. wich makes me sad, cuase i would really prefer to havethe option to do 2 tanks, 2 healers and 2 dps. and the possible plays that come from having these options. i think they already have an mmr system but i could be wrong. but in my games this role issue hasnt been happening, people seem to like playing kulev and miko. in this game it seems like people like playing certain players rather than certain roles, people in my games usually fill watever role needs to be filled. there has only been around 2 games in 17 hours of gameplay where someone picked a role that made me have to switch, wich i didnt even care about switching because kulev and miko are basically dps that heal.

    i also havent been backfilling much either. maybe 1 game in my 17 hours. at the start of my 17 hours i was getting alot of games where i would join as the game was starting. as in the game already started but they probs only just got out the gates.

    theres a help me key wich basically does the same thing a heal me key would only it says help me. although maybe it doesnt mark your location but i thought it did.

    with kill cams yea why not thats just a qual of life change, bbeing able to skip it or remove it in settings would be cool

    mods menu. i mean sure qual of life improvement, even though there arent that many mods to look through and you can simply look at the symbol and colours to know what the mod does. but yea why not.

    this teamamte position ui thing idk bro i mean its kind aqual of life but i dont think it would help, only make your screen more chaotic, but as long as it dont force this on everyone why not. just might be a waste of devs time. i mean you can look at the map to know where they are atm and that works fine for me.

    i like the wallhacks, but i probs wouldnt care if they removed it.

    i kinda agree on the ability description point. at points i have googled peoples abilities to figure out what it is, and to work out if putting a mod on that ability would be worth it kinda deal. as for the combos i have kinda figured most of them out naturally, at least i think so. but yea mentioning those combos in a description menu would be cool