General UI and QoL suggestions (not fighter balance, objective rulesets, etc...)

  • Trust I understand this is BETA and many things are already on the way but after scanning the forum for a post like this, i couldnt.. so point me in the right direction if this is somewhere else already

    Hello all
    I just recently found out about Bleeding Edge during this March 14 Beta, I love it!
    I've been playing Overwatch since launch and probably will continue to play that too but cross platform on Bleeding Edge will definitely allow me to put in tons of hours with my friends on Xbox while I play on PC.... FINALLY! anyway..

    1. Change Gamertag to use the hashtag version. I changed my name recently thanks to Xbox's Gamertag Update and then this game is a Microsoft exclusive but doesn't use the hashtagged version of my name but instead shows the full number version
      (which btw are two different numbers)

    ie. LOKI#5595 (with the numbers greyed out and smaller font in most instances and then not shown at all in matches as Microsoft intended putting focus on the NAME and not the numbers)

    and then the name you all see as Loki9195.
    this seems obvious as many other games do it of course and it seems kinda lame but not the end of the world of course

    1. Allow skipping kill cam replays. I want to immediately get back to spectating my team during a fight or at least (see next point)

    2. Allow the "TAB" to show match stats and fighter status' (like many other games) DURING the Kill Cam Replay so im not just sitting frustrated wondering whats happening in the fight. (2 and 3 here are kinda the same problem or require only 1 solution but I'd like to see both)

    3. Fighter Specific key bindings.. given that everybody has different mice and keyboards these would be great for accessibility.
      again I understand this is beta and may already be in development. just saying dont forget about it. pro controller users would appreciate it as well im sure

    4. Allow an option to see your teammates in their selected skins together as a team before the match starts. Seeing each other maybe hitting their emotes as they Fighter select allowing you the chance to switch skins to match better somehow would be cool. I thought of this in Overwatch years ago when seasonal/event skins all dropped together and all our team had the new skins, some really cool shots the Victory screen where all your characters are in their matching skins and victory poses

    please feel free to call me stupid and tell me why I'm wrong cuz thats why we're here right? lol jk

  • fighter specific bindings is a must. 100% dude. it is needed on pc.

    as for the skin suggestion. that would be great when skins come out.