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  • Time for me to write this as im sure i won't enter the beta anymore with a current game state.
    Played about 80 games w 70 winrate solo.

    1. Locked fps makes every stream of this game look like complete garbage. Hey how can PC version be fking locked is this a joke?
      Under this point there is a MOUNT UP ui animation that looks the worst compared to any ui anim i checked in any other game. MOUNT UP itself is fine.
    2. Atm you have 2 game modes: points and iteration of mix between points and capture the flag (CTF). And ur iteration of it is pontless. You have it separated by 2 complete differents states (1 locks another) with no encouraging players to go for collecting at phase one. Let's say later ppl will go for collecting and playing for objectives just because they will just try harder but right now (when ppl only care about fun) noone gives the fuck about these orbs and just go straight brawl. At least make a damage/heal output X increase with a dmg taken 0.5x increase for an orb taken with some numbers for encouraging players to play 2 phases and not only one.
    3. TTK (time to kill). It's really too big. There are 2 things that are making this game look like gargabe in most of streams. First is fps and 2nd is seeing as 3 ppl are trying to kill a tank for 5 seconds with him not being healed. And its not only about time and how it looks. You can mistake you can can go unneeded fights but you still surivive due to no damage. 25-40% ttk decrease is required.
    4. This killcam is a joke. At lease copy a OW one as its has any sense while ur is here just for a fun and is doing nothing.
    5. There are some gameplay things that just feels off. Like jumping on a higher stage (so you have forward + up movenemt for example) being hit by any melee attack and just falling conpletely down losing all ur forward direction (welp, this cant be, you know).
    6. And there are some problems that exist here due to crossplay (like gizmo skillshot aiming LUL what is this for real).

    There are more but im sure you wont change any of this and will release the game as it is just with addition of new map + champion. GL folks, i hoped this will be a good pc game but it looks just like beer and chips afterwork game with no deeper fun.

  • when comp comes out the cells mode will be way better. but atm if i tell my teamates hey dont bother fighting lets gather cells they will listen 90% of the time and we end up having more fun, because then when it is time to sell we will kill them and score a shit tons of points.

    i disagree on the time to kill. if you use your abilities right, it doesnt take long to kill tanks. and thats also kinda the point of tanks. if i look at overwatch and think hmm how long does it take tracer or reaper to kill dva and i mean bro dva will last quite a while, and might even beat them. yes even a reaper v dva. anyways in bleeding edge you can still 1v1 a tank and win depending on whos the better fighting. it just takes time to kill the tank. wich is how tanks are supposed to be. kill healers first, squishies then tanks. i think the tanks are fine.

    whats wrong with this games kill cam? i think its fine, sometimes i get killed and wonder who killed me and how and the kill cam reveals all. i play overwatch but i dont remember what its kill cam is like in comparison.

    i dunno what you mean by getting hit by a mele and falling directly down? you mean like how you get stunned and lose forward momentum? i mean i dunno in games where you get stunned on attacks thats kinda how it normally is and if you didnt get stunned or it didnt stop momentum people would just be able to evade even easier.

    "like gizmo skillshot aiming LUL what is this for real" i dunno what you are talking about here? do pc players have to actually aim or something? if so thats wierd and makes no sence but i doubt thats what you are talking about because i doubt that would be a thing.