Numerical values are needed

  • There really needs to be numerical values in everything. Its very important to know how much damage my autos are doing how much my skill is doing etc. Some mods add % damage but how are we supposed to know how much % is being added when we don't have any numbers to go off of? The same thing goes for healing and shielding. If this game is to last it will come from different builds and min maxing ideas for the competitive players to really be creative but the issue with that is there is no numbers, not in the info of the skills and no numbers on screen when do dmg/heal/shield. I really want this game to last and grow but that wont happen if it is built for casual players only. At the moment it seems like its targeting super casual players and making competitive players feel like its missing that push it needs to really be competitive. I'm sure ninja theory has the numbers for everything in their system but its just not shown for some reason. Creativity and customization is key for a game to last and i hope that is gonna come in the future.

  • @HGPDrazz

    as a setting that can be turned on. or have it in the training room. i wouldnt want this as default, cause i mean once i learn the values i dont need to keep seeing the shit on my screen, but yea good idea.

  • I would be okay with it being in the settings and have specifics able to be turned off and on depending on preference that's actually a better idea than just always having it on. Giving people an option to see more or less info.