How can we get Bleeding Edge more into the open?

  • Outside of the developers PR team needing to do a LOT more to bring it out there, are there any idea's on how best to do it as a player?
    I assume streaming/youtube would be a thing, getting friends into it (this is actually a lot harder than you think seeing as a good few of them aren't that much into taking risks) .. but then what?

    No offense to the devs as the game does feel very good and it has a lot of potential, but outside of a few E3 goers and some people finding it in the Steam upcoming list .. almost noone even know this game exists.
    Ive no doubt that, on PC at least, more people know about weird hentai visual novel coming out next year than the amount of people knowing about this game 😄

  • @Capt-FeralClaw

    yea just tell your friends to check it out and shit. and hopefully microsoft will sponsor them some advertisements or some shit so it is more well known.

  • @Capt-FeralClaw I'm sorry to say I play on Xbox beta / alphas and I won't. Recommend to anyone to much bugs and the game feels lacking and unbalanced I unstalled and won't tell anyone about. They need to balance the game and change games modes or show more in gameplay trailers not just a broken demo