¿There is a posibility to rework on stamina in this game?

  • Hi, im pretty new at the game... i really enjoy the game so far, but, there its only a thing that really gets me mad and frustrated. Stamina system to me its trash, makes feel the combat so slow, i mean for example kuzev (boa guy) he have two charges TWO charges... ¿Seriusly? I evade two times and thats it, im pretty much dead because healers are the first target. IMO that system gives too much advantage to meele classes, TOO MUCH stun and knok back, its insane, you literally can do anything besides of watch how you die.

    Thanks for reading.

  • play the game more, and you will understand that its fine. kulev is also an advanced player for that reason, dont play him untill you are more experienced if you are having such issues. kulev is really survivable because hes a healer, if its a 1v1 kulev is really hard to kill and will probs kill you.

    i suggest playing all the tutorials.