Ma Little Feedback

  • ‪MyFeedback:‬

    ‪-Instable frame rate on Xbox One X‬
    ‪-the system of targeting the enemies, unclear, unclear‬
    ‪-No accessibility options (color blindness and large characters)‬
    ‪-Unbalanced characters with a white weapon and close combat‬
    ‪-Put the management of the camera autonomous and not manual‬

    • Too chaotic fights, you don't understand what happens

    sorry for the inconvenience, thank you

  • @ApolloGamer89 do you get lag too

  • @ApolloGamer89

    i have seen people complain about chaotic fights but to me they really arent that chaotic at all. what kinda games do you guys come from? maybe its cause i come from overwatch and shit.

    either way i think its better that they have more going on. means it takes more skill to make the right moves

  • Most likely the "chaotic" factor is also due to the drop in frames during the most intense fights. No more than lag I have strong drops of Frame on Xbox One X and sometimes I see characters appear and disappear, but I have 11ms of Ping here of the problem is not my Connection

  • @ApolloGamer89
    The samarui character is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay t9 overpowered. He can kill you in a second and it is fucking bullshit. I will make sure nobody plays this on my friends list Okie sany other way I can fuck you guys if you don't fix that shit. Its insane how quick he can kill ppl. I don't even want to use that overpowered bullshit!!!!!!