• I think this should be a must for this game, since there is no aim involved in this game at all, so it should not break the balance of the game, if there are no plans of remiving the aim lockiing of course, because not everyone can afford a 700 dollar pc, and its even more pointless if you already own a console

  • @IXTheCandyManXI But why would you need mouse and keyboard support when the game was created to work better with a controller?

  • @Votre-Daron playing with a controller feels really clunky when the game doesnt allow you to customize your settings enough, take overwatch as an example, you can personalize your aim pretty much as you wish, in bleeding edge, just like in most parto of console games you can tune your sensivity and acceleration AT MUCH, amking the controls feel like if u you were playing with a smartphone

  • @IXTheCandyManXI It was ones of the critiques made to the game, I'm talking about the settings customization. Other than that I don't think they blocked the use of keyboard and mouse especially now that there's cross-play.