• Some feedback from playing the beta:
    First of all, I want to make clear that I enjoyed this beta a lot and appreciate the work that devs made on this game, GJ GUYS!. All the things I will say below are my opinions and ideas that I think will make the game even better.

    I will divide the feedback in 3 categories: "Really important changes and "easy to fix/made"", "Less important changes/ideas and "harder to fix/develop"" and "Some ideas and small changes that I think will be neat".

    Really important changes and "easy to fix/made":
    -In the workshop, in the mods section there's need to be a way to look all your character abilities, names and information. At the moment when I want to change my build I just get stuck because I don't know the character name abilities and have no idea exactly what I am changing.
    -When 2 players are missing in a game because they disconnected or leaved the game should end. I think the best thing to do is give the win to the team that was winning and give extra points to the players that lost due to allies leaving. I am saying all of this because I entered a bunch of games where I was losing a game, with 1 or 2 teammates and it doesn't feel right, usually I just end up leaving because IS JUST NOT FUN TO ENTER A GAME THAT YOU DIDN'T LOSE and on top of that starting without a fair 4vs4. To resume all of this I think the goal is that every game should be a fair 4vs4, and in case 1 player leaves, the game should try really hard to get the one player missing as fast as possible. It's just not fun to play in a real disadvantage. Idk if there is any penalty for leaving a game but i think it should be, at least for players that just raguequit.
    -This is a small change but when you finish a game it would be better to just leave pressing the B button 2 times instead of pressing B and then A, or maybe instead of pressing B two times, holding B. Usually when you finished a game and want to leave, you just want to leave, it doesn't make any sense to ask.
    -In the map where missiles drop in the points areas, it should be more clear when the missiles drop in the middle of the point. It happened to me a pair of times that I was doubtful if the marker was a warning for missiles or just how the point looks like. I just think in that case the marker should be much clear.

    Less important changes/ideas and "harder to fix/develop":
    -Scoreboard during game, I don't think it needs a lot of information or anything, but knowing overall how everyone is doing is usually really important in a game like this. I know this means that some players will flame the players who are doing badly but that's not a excuse to not give players some information about the game.
    -Bigger playable character pool. I know this is really easy to say but really hard to make but I feel the game lacks some variety. Maybe it's just me but i feel like the games that do better are the games with a bigger pool of characters. I love the playable characters that the game have, they have and amazing character desing and look and feel great but I don't think this is enough.
    -I think it will be cool to add a new ability while in the hoverboard, that drops you from the board while attacking (like the one that Buttercup has) or interacting with another skill. At the moment it seems like the only use of the hoverboard is just to be faster and I think it will be nice to add a new extra use depending on the character (obv. this ability should be added to characters without a hoverboard too). I know this means giving a bunch of characters (it doesn't need to be in all fighters, maybe) a new ability with new animations and such, I know it's a lot to ask but I think it should be a good addition to the game. It doesn't need to be something amazing, maybe just and extra attack that makes a good transition out of the hoverboard.
    -In the Dojo it will be useful to have some way to practice the parry ability and some more mechanics, I think will be nice to just to make the Dojo bigger and with more stuff.
    -Working more on maps, adding new movable parts and new things to interact in some way. The think that I enjoy the most in the maps are that parts that change during game (like the trains and the moving points). I'm not saying that you should add elevators or moving plataforms on all maps but I think working more in dynamic maps will make every game more unique and will add new ways to play the game.
    -Add general missions and missions for each character. I guess that's your plan for the future but at the moment that is missing and obviously is a great thing to add to the game. I don't think is necessary that every mission gave a lot of experience or an amazing reward, just a good extra thing to add.

    Some ideas and small changes that I think will be neat:
    -Add a speed buffs on maps, like the damage ones (without a box to destroy) but with a small speed bonus, I think it is a good thing to try to add.
    -More music. I know it's a really obvious thing to say but everyone loves more music in games. Just a nice thing to ask.
    -Zoom a little bit the menu (I love the menu and how it looks, but I think all the options look smaller than they should) and add new characters in it. At the moment only Daemon appears and I think it will be nice to have a new character every time you're at the menu. I am not demanding amazing animations or any big change on how the menu looks, I just think that at the moment is missing some potential.
    -Add the characters that does not have hoverboard a way to personalize something, preferable the thing that makes them go faster (like the ZeroCool or Maeve vehicle), it's just not fair that those characters are missing that feature of the game. Again, I know this is a lot of work, I'm just saying it will be cooler that way.
    -This is a small little thing that I wish can be changed. At the end of a game, just when it shows you the win screen, you can't enter the chat you just have to wait to say until it shows the last play. I wish this can be fixed.
    -Add a way to put more stickers at the same time on the hoverboard, it's okay if it is a thing that you have to purchase. I think it makes more sense that way.

    Ok, this was a lot (actually I cut out some things, lol). I just want to give all my feedback and by doing so maybe helping making the game better. I'm sorry if I said something that was not true or that was implemented in the game and I didn't realized it. Also, english is not my first language so I'm sorry if I said something wrong or mispelled. Overall I enjoyed a lot this beta and I hope the game gets even better when it releases. If you have something to discuss about what I said I will gladly reply and talk about it.